Let your darkest days be your motivation 💡


5 Laws to create the life you want

  1. The law of potential- You are pure conciousness that has manifested into physical form. This consciousness that you are holds infinite potential and is responsible for all creations.
  2. The law of frequency- Everything in this universe carries a frequency. This frequency is emitted from your entire being including your thoughts, emotions and actions.
  3. The law of attraction- This is probably the most well known law of the universe and dictates that you have the ability to attract things into your reality based on the energy that you are emitting.
  4. The law of karma- There are certain experiences that your soul has come here to learn. These experiences are determined from past lives and before you came into physical body. These experiences are your karma or points of growth in this life that you are meant to experience.
  5. The law of oneness- We are all connected, which means that what we do to others we do to ourselves and vice versa. We are all one and we are all equal.